Do you have an incoming event and it is not possible to make it physical? Or you just prefer to make your event virtual?

Then you are in the right space!

Check out for free one of our virtual hall and imagine how good and make out if it fits for your event! Our virtual spaces are intuitive so that everyone can use them and work on every device with internet connection.

Every person is represented by an avatar and this one can be moved freely through the whole scene. Like in real life when you talk only the persons that you have around you will be able to listen to you. This allows several conversations to take place in the same virtual hal at the same time, something not possible by videocalls. Everyone is able to move freely from one place to another joining one conversation or another. For a fully inmersion virtual reality headsets are recommended, but they are dispensable. A PC, a smartphone or a tablet connected to the Internet are enough. Guests just need to enter an URL into the web browser the day and time you decide.

Events should be celebrated the day they take place even if it is in a virtual environment. So do not postpone your daughter’s 18 birthday or your husband’s 50 birthday, just make it virtual!

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